Online shopping is growing at an ever increasing rate! well, my favourite online shopping app is Shein. In this post i will take you’ll through the three looks i have shopped for from Shein.

Since i always prefer Comfort over style, i decided  to opt for a sporty red top. It makes me look effortless and enhances my confidence. This top can be paired with any shorts, skorts, jeans or basically everything. I wore this to a recently held music gig too! When you want to look simple and classy like this then its best to go subtle with the Makeup, kudos to my Makeup artist Shriya Patel.

The second look i created is meant for a lovely Lunch or a Dinner date. As soon as this dress popped up on the page, i immediately added it to my shopping cart! It was love at first sight with those cute frills ❤ i love the way this dress compliments my body.

For my Third and Final look, i decided to buy something which is not only Funky but also Sassy and out of the box!  Well, Army Print can never go out of fashion that too in Pink!! I absolutely enjoyed pairing this with my, glairs, furry black jacket, also from Shein, and my pink boots!

This studio shoot was filled with entertainment and Laughter riot to try and make my hair blow, using balloons as props which reminded me of my childhood days. Thanks to my Photographer Virag and his team to make this possible that too with so much ease!

Max spring summer

Hey fresh new look for 2018 ! Max has always surprised me with their Versatile collection and it very well suits my styling and the looks that I create go very well with the brand , so this time I associated with max fashions and styled this off shoulder Kurti , which also has details around the hands and over the neck which just uplifts the look and makes it even fancy and better

So I’ve styled this kurti with matching heels and long earrings off course which obviously works best with the kurti. And went for a bold pink as lip shade

I do recommend you all to visit Max fashions and get the best suited outfits for you all because the prices are very reasonable and check the images and let me know your comments below !

Will be coming up with couple of looks super soon with max !


Hey guys this is just a random post , I found these images blog worthy and just thought of sharing my life experiences with you ! So my feb month has been fab and evn March has begun well , however I have a tip for all of you when you want to achieve something’s in life just don’t run behind it , it’s going to take time and be there for you at the right time , and happiness has to be internal not just an external joy which is temporary because of things , people or work !

Try to be happy with whatever you have or achieved so far ! I’ve learnt so far that being grateful is the best aspect of life , my mom always says that if iam grateful for what I have or what iam today I’ll eventually make it up in a better way for future or we can put this across this way that. More good things are likely to happen if your grateful already ! So don’t forget to be grateful and you don’t have to prove yourself for anyone else but for your own self ! Try harder not for everyone else but for your own good ! Just be yourself and success will eventually run behind the hard work a person does , success could also be , staying happy forever ! Hope this was a good read , love you all – shabostoc ! Shot by biryani masala

Journey of 2017

Hey guys happy new year firstly ! 2017 has been the best year so far it’s had its own ups and downs in the best ways ! Obviously starting with the ups blog has been my strength and you guys have been immensely showering your love upon the same , thank you for all the love and support you guys have given me and I’m really grateful about the same ! And December 2017 has been the best and day one of 2018 has also started great for me , whenever I feel low I only think about how I can create more content t and make it look great for you all and get my mood fixed and feel lot more positive ! So yeah I wish you all a very very happy and a successful and a fun filled !! Happiness filled year ahead ! Also I started blogging 3 years back in the month of March ☺️ so I’m Looking forward to do a lot more great content in the year 2018 too !!

So here I’m sharing some of my favourite looks , most of it is purchased from shein ! Because I love this online shopping!! And they have some affordable chic and quirky stuff !!

Hope you guys love the looks !!

Shot by tarun !!

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

Hey guys as you all may already know that I’ve visited Cloudnine Hospital recently so it specialises in maternity. And it’s just the best hospital I’ve ever come across for mothers and kids ! So I had been to launch of it in vashi , Navi Mumbai and it’s Delivering a happy health baby every 45 minutes, so happy that India’s largest chain of maternity hospitals expanded its footprint in the West! I’m proud to be a part of this launch and get aware about the circumstances and what cloud nine has to offer I totally recommend you all if Incase you are planning to have a baby , also they have saved so many pre mature babies , the doctor added saying that baby below 22 weeks can’t be saved ! So above this becomes a premature baby and they have saved them all and the c section surgeries are just not so expensive it just has a difference of about 10k which is the best part about this hospital ! I’m totally impressed by the services they offer !

Mumbai, 7th December 2017 ,

the only chain of hospitals to have achieved infant and maternal success rates comparable to developed countries in the West and we are staunchly committed to our motto of ‘Healthy mothers and happy babies’.

“Pregnancy brings about multiple changes making parents doubtful of various elements like do’s and don’ts, lifestyle to follow, correct diet, impact of their actions on the baby etc. Increasingly, today we see cases where couples prefer having single child and thus demand best of care and facilities to make the moment of delivery a memorable one for the family. Parents need a trusted partner that could navigate them through this significant stage in their lives. Cloudnine Hospitals brings that very essence of care to Navi Mumbai,” added Mr. Rohit MA, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals  

“Majority of pregnancy cases we see in Vashi today are where expecting mothers are over 32 years of age. Though many older mums have a healthy pregnancy and birth, they are at an increased risk of developing ongoing health conditions, such as diabetes & high blood pressure. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are also more common in older women, as are complications like placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia and premature birth. Therefore a dedicated maternity unit like Cloudnine plays an integral role and offers all-inclusive solutions to the pregnant woman and her family”, said Dr Kishore.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, stressed upon the importance of choosing the right healthcare partner for delivery. She said, “Childbirth is a life changing phenomena for a woman. It is important to choose a comfortable, trustworthy environment that can offer her a happy and stress-free atmosphere not just during the final month but also during the entire term of pregnancy. From what I have gathered from friends and family, Cloudnine is committed to not only provide exceptional clinical care but also make child birth a happy and joyous occasion.”

For more information visit or call on 1860 500 9999 to schedule a service.

Hope this was helpful

Camping with American tourister India

Hey guys I’ve come up with this story which is my very first camping experience with American tourister India ! I loved the collection immensely and we headed to Vasind next to Mumbai , and one the way we stopped at a dhaba and also I clicked some images and had some yummy Hakka noodles and later we reached Vasind , where we stayed in big red tent ! And it was once in a lifetime experience I would stay ! It was really adventurous and we went to late night walks in the field which was really scary for me ! Because I’m not animal friendly hahaha and also had our our barbecue set up post that we also had some fun activities and games and also we had yummy dinner and post that we had our bon fire set up ! For people who love camping life you guys should visit this place as it’s just about 2 hours from Mumbai and it does have network !!! Sadly being an airtel customer i dint have much network !! Thank you American tourister for such an amazing experience ! We just stayed for a night there and I’m back I’ve happily spent my weekend in Vasind and here below are the images , hope you guys enjoy it ! If your following me on Instagram you can also see the videos I’ve created , handle @shabostoc follow below handles for more amazing content






Outfit- top shimmer , jacket missamore , track pants – Adidas , shoes – Koovs , shades bellofox

Dress – h &m ! Lipstick – Nykaa  ! Bag American (red bag )tourister, hand luggage bag – skating duck ,  small back pack (accessorize)  , specs – h &m

Captured – by I phone 7 plus and edited by myself !!


Hey guys hope everyone’s well! I, just got back from a very long vacation ! I took a break for myself for almost a week in Goa just before which I started using Safi. I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about it from my mom, she used to use it religiously during her childhood days which had helped her cure her acne!
My grandma had suggested Safi to my mother during her childhood years and she did the same to me! She’s the one who told me that Safi has many herbs such as sana, tulsietc which help clear out your skin! And it also helps purify blood when taken regularly
Stress is a main cause of pimples these days. I’ve always wanted glowing skin. When I was younger I would have a lot of pimples and break outs. But ever since I tried Safi, I’m quite happy about the results as my skin is better and doesn’t have any acne!

I would recommend that you use this once a day, may be morning or even evenings whichever works best for you. The container is so handy that you can carry it during your travels, and it’s absolutely hassle free! So there’s no chances (or excuses) of missing a single day. 3 weeks should do the trick,and it holds true in my case 
The taste is manageable, it is definitely on the bitter side because it has so many herbs in it, but can be easily be managed by adding some warm or normal water to it. I personally prefer it to be at room temperature! Trust me it will be worth your time as Safi has the capacity to change your skin and make it better!!
I trust Safi will help me maintain this glow 
Try and let me know in comments below on how it helped you all! Because I would love to know the benefits it gave to you! Until next time – lots of love